About Us

The idea for MuslimKids was born when Joost (Yusuf), a Dutch revert living in Cape Town South Africa, was looking for a fun way to let his young children get acquainted with concepts and understandings of Islam. As a revert you don’t always know everything and not always have the certainty to teach your children. By creating My First Muslim Colouring Book, it allowed Joost to create a fun and playful learning environment.

Nazlie did not need a second look at the book to see the potential and to see the difference it could make in other little Muslim’s lives. It quickly led to a big printing order and the addition of a second book: MuslimKids My Alif Baa Book.

MuslimKids wants to create a fun and friendly environment for little Muslims to learn about Islam in a non pressurized way. We allow them to draw, colour, point, speak and shout out all learning elements in our products.

MuslimKids products are a way to assist parents in teaching their children about Islam. The MuslimKids products on its own are not sufficient. Parents need to guide and help their children while interacting with our products.

MuslimKids is a level 3 BEE contributor.


Team MuslimKids