50x My First Muslim Colouring Book + 50x My Alif Baa Book

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Buy 50x the My First Muslim Colouring Book + 50x My Alif Baa Book for your Madrassah.

The My First Muslim Colouring Book is MuslimKids first product and started our company. It is a 50 page high quality colouring book that is aimed to let small children familiarize themselves with certain concepts of Islam, such as hijab, mosques, payer, family time, doing good, friendship, etc. the cover is full colour and high quality, all the inside pages are printed on white paper. The last page of the colouring book has the Arabic alphabet which can be cut out and kept for learning.

The My Alif Baa Book was the second book from MuslimKids, but the first book that focused more on the learning element for children. The My Alif Baa book lets children colour in and practice writing the Arabic alphabet letters. After every 3 letters there is an activity to help the child  remember the practiced letters in a fun way. We believe that this activity and colouring based book will help young children in learning the Arabic alphabet.

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Additional Information

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